24 Jul 2014
Tadtad 2014 – 19 July 2014 – Club Zyron’s, Iloilo City
Thursday July 24, 2014 at 01:08 | Archived in: Art Exhibits and Events, Events, Gigs and Concerts, Indie, Counter-culture

Tadtad 2014
19 July 2014
Club Zyron’s, Iloilo City

I haven’t shot an event like this in 3 years, so yeah.. ahahahahahaha
and I actually only came to see SkyChurch .. \m/

I do must say I’m kinda rusty shooting events like this now… good thing the event is just literally across my house.

Oh yeah.. More photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vans3n/sets/72157645377078929/

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0039

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0001

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0005

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0009

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0016

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0012

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0003

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0044

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0012

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0086

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0082

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0085

And time to enjoy some good stuffs

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0023

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0024

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0031

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0048

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0063

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0069

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0075

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0077

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0095

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0098

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0105

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0106

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0110

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0111

And finally, SKYCHURCH !! First time seeing them live in ILOILO CITY and it’s their first time to play in Iloilo as well.

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0115

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0116

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0126

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0123

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0134

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0127

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0119

VanS3n-07192014-Tadtad 2014-Iloilo City-0117

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21 Jul 2014
Visiting 2 art exhibits in UPV Iloilo City Campus – 17 July 2014
Monday July 21, 2014 at 03:56 | Archived in: Art Exhibits and Events, Events, Exhibits

Went to the University of the Philippines in the Visayas Iloilo City Campus to attend PG Zoluaga’s exhibit on a rainy day. While waiting for his exhibit to open, went to check a good friend of mine Anthony Castillo’s own exhibit in the UPV Art Gallery.

“Moments of Clarity”

Photography by Anthony Castillo 

UPV Art Gallery 


Sojourn IV
Recent Works of Pg Zoluaga and Katrina Bayog
July 17-31, 2014
UPV Alumni Center 

PG Zoluaga with some of his works

Katrina Bayog and her works

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14 Jul 2014
Iloilo Esplanade – long exposure moods – 12 July 2014
Monday July 14, 2014 at 06:12 | Archived in: Digital Photography, Travel and Tourism, Travel Photography

12 July 2014
Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City, Philippines

Armed with my wide angle lens 16-35 2.8f and my Manfrotto tripod, I set about making what could have been a boring late afternoon spent just outside my house into something productive. And unfortunately in my boredom and unattentiveness I actually forgot to clean to front glass free of fingerprints and so we can clearly see smudges and flares do to them in all the photos. Which also means that I will have to retake these shots again when I will be in the mood to do them again and if the weather permits.

The photos are also uploaded here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vans3n/sets/72157645686968163/

I guess this is the perks of having the Iloilo Esplanade literally across you own house. And so I guess, I will be shooting more of this place and for most parts I will be wasting away my days spent wandering this riverside boulevard.

VanS3n - 07122014Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City0008

VanS3n - 07122014Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City0007

VanS3n - 07122014Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City0006

VanS3n - 07122014Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City0009

VanS3n - 07122014Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City0010

VanS3n - 07122014Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City0002

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12 Jul 2014
Blend 09:1321 Art Exhibit – 11 July 2014 – Iloilo Cinematheque
Saturday July 12, 2014 at 05:29 | Archived in: Art, Art Exhibits and Events, Digital Illustrations, Drawings, Events, Exhibits, Indie, Counter-culture, Paintings, Uncategorized

Blend 09:1321 Art Exhibit 
11 July 2014
FDCP Cinematheque Iloilo
B and C Square Corner Iznart and Solis Street, Iloilo City, Philippines

Upon arriving in Iloilo City, the first thing I sought out is where most of the local artists hang out. It has been 3 years that I have been away from the local Iloilo art scene, and there is this craving to check how far has the local scene changed when I was away. I have heard of the Iloilo Cinematheque from my friends whom I kept in touch while I was out of the country. So I took my time to snoop around and see where and what us this Iloilo Cinematheque is all about.

Well, as soon as I entered the building I find familiar faces and it feels kind of nice to back into the fold of the local art scene. The guys where already sorting out artworks for their incoming exhibit and some of the new guys in the scene thought I was just another artist whom was submitting an entry for the exhibit.

Well for most of that afternoon, I was chatting away with any familiar face I will meet in Iloilo Cinematheque. And I guess it was an opportunity for me to meet the younger artists that will sooner or later carry the torch of the local art scene. At the end of the day, I got myself convinced that I can still submit some of my old works for this exhibit, seeing that they have enough space for more works.

The next day, I dig through my old digital works on my laptop. At first, I intended to actually work on something new but I guess procrastination got the best of me. Luckily I do have a lot of random digital works saved up in my pc. Spent a few minutes resizing and fixing some of them for printing, then I was on my way to a local printing shop. Good thing I found where the old shop I usually get my prints done just in time. They moved already from where they were before and the new location is actually nearer to the Cinematheque. And so yeah, got my 6 digital works printed and ready.

Got the my works mounted on the wall in no time, and I’m off to just lazily waste away the rest of the afternoon in Cinematheque talking to old and new faces.

If you look at it, this will be my first exhibit in Iloilo City after 3 years. My last exhibit was way back January 2011 “Updanay” in Museo Iloilo for the Dinagyang Festival 2011. After a few months I was already out of the country. So to participate in a local exhibit just a few days after arriving in Iloilo City is kind of cool in a sense. A better way to say to the local scene that I’m here.

Finally 11th of July and the exhibit is well under way. We have approximately 180+ participants to this exhibit. And so the whole Iloilo Cinematheque is full of people. For most parts, I didn’t shoot that much. I was somewhere in some corner talking to somebody I know or something. And so I guess these are just some of the stuffs I was able to take for the opening of the event.

And yeah, I did mention meeting up with friends and familiar faces. Not to mention the sheer amount of people who attended this exhibit opening.

They wrapped up the event we a little performance from some of the guys.

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